Sunday, August 29, 2010

life at "home"

for all of you who care, here are pictures of my new room

the quilt is one I made a couple years ago and the afgan is one that Rissie made me this past winter/spring

my desk (where I spend most of my time, pencil in hand :p)

and this is Hayley--my roommate

Thursday, August 5, 2010

from "The Land of Enchantment" to "The Gem State"

packing up (all of this is not mine)
Our first stop was in Aztec to visit some of our dear friends.
In the afternoon we got back on the road and drove a couple hours to

day one: an all-day adventure trip
We started out rafting down the Colorado River, over some class 1 and 2 rapids, and ended with a Hummer H1 tour over some of Moab's Slick Rock.
Marissa, Mark, Scott, Russell, and I swam in the river while the raft was floating through some of the calm portions of the river--so wet, so fishy, so dirty!

("inside" the hummer)
later that evening we drove around the town and found a neat hiking trail

day two: Canyonlands National Park

and Mill Creek Swimming Hole
our river guide told us about some of his favorite places in Moab and some of the things thatwe shouldn't miss, one of which was this cool spot. Tucked away in the canyons and bluffs there is a river, a swimming hole, and ~20' cliffs. We treckked in and had a blast splashing, chucking mud, jumping, laughing, and photographing. =)

day three: biking, shopping downtown, and dinner
Early in the morning Curtis, Marissa, and I went on a bike ride on the Klondike Bike Trail. We rode through muddy sand, in rocky washes, and up slickrock. At the top of the trail we hopped off our bikes and walked into Arched National Park to a scenic spot that our guide knew well, recharged with power bars, and enjoyed a bit of rest. The ride down was much more exciting! Dad took the boys on a shorter ride, but they too got to ride on some of Moab's famous slikrock.

Rissie and I shopping

In the evening we went to the BarM Ranch for dinner.
teaching Russell and Scott how to play horseshoes
beans (my favorite), roast/BBQ beef (or chicken), baked potato, biscuit, applesauce, and apple cake

and my favorite picture of the past 2 weeks: