hAUte cOuTuRE

Caity's Creations
welcome to my boutique
i love to sew. i love to design. i love to create.

i have a fetish for shoes and anything sparkly, pink, or strikingly bedizened. inspiration is a key factor to my productivity--i must have it, or compose i will not. and i love to share my passions with people around me. i don't really have a business, but sewing for others--bringing a smile to a friendly face--is what i enjoy most. here are some of my own designs:

ellie $55

mari $45

mandy $45

ashleigh $40

i take custom orders via email: doodlebug829@gmail.com
**while in school, I am suspending orders!**

please NOTE: all of my creations are personalized for the client and are never ever the exact same