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I'm 21, how weird that sounds--it was just the other day I was 8, running around the woods with my cousins and couldn't imagine life other than it was. Now I am legally an adult and almost at the end of my college life. That's right, 15 May 2012 ends my sophomore year at New Saint Andrews College (NSA). As I wait to meet/marry my future husband, I want to continue using my time to the fullest. And I look forward to seeing what God has in store for me, even if it changes up what I thought I would be doing. NSA has given me a great jumping off place for my ensuing independent or guided studies. Also I hope to continue to pursue my education, broadening my mind in the following areas: cosmetology, ethnic cooking, photography (primarily portraiture), fashion and elegance, interior design, couture and fine sewing techniques, calligraphy, reading classic books (I also have a list I add to constantly--mostly recommendations from friends and family), baking artisan breads, charcoal/graphite drawings, silk ribbon embroidery, and etiquette.