Tuesday, June 5, 2012

School ended the 10th of May, so why hasn't there been a post yet? Well, I just arrived home on Sunday. Marissa and I stayed in Moscow having fun with some of my friends for a couple days longer and left town halfway through the week.

A long drive and a stop by the Boise mall and In-N-Out Burger, we pulled into Farmington Thursday afternoon.

 And there we stayed for 2.5 weeks.

Wedding prep for our dear "cousin" Meg.  It was so nice to have one last Skencer weekend (though I'm pretty sure, once a Skencer, always a Skencer) with all five of us girls together: shopping and talking, baking and eating, snipping and glueing, altering and trying-on, reading and sleeping--our days were full. =) This last Saturday was the wedding.
 the Flowergirl
 and Sarah and me.

At long last, I am home. Home for another eight weeks before I head north once again (this time taking my sister with me!).