Thursday, September 29, 2011

...the fire of fall is here...

Monday, September 26, 2011

It's a marvelous morning

a cinnamon roll and coffee with my friend; a talk with my Mother Dear and sister; a clean kitchen and laughing roommates; a creative paper assignment and the morning free to study.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Psalm 5- Douglas Wilson
Give ear, O Lord, to all my thoughts and words, now hear my crying. Please hear my voice, my King, my God, for unto Thee I offer my prayers at dawn, O Lord, You hear; You hear when night is dying. Hear my praying and know that I look up to Thee; my heart I proffer.

For You are not a God who winks at evil in Your dwelling; And You can take no pleasure in the sins of evildoing. You hate those men who love their sin, those men who lied are telling; You destroy them. The Lord abhors their bloody and deceitful choosing.

But as for me I come to You, and in Your house you found me, and all Your mercies crowd me in; I come in fear to tremble. Lead me, O Lord, in righteousness; my enemies surround me. In Your presence make straight Your paths as we within Your house assemble.

THeir mouths are foul, their inward parts are nothing but corruption. Their throats are open tombs and graves; they flatter with their speaking, destroy them, God, and bring them down to end their vile seductions. Hear my praying, for they resist your law. Rebellion they are seeking.

But let those men who trust in You, rejoice and sing forever because You are their Shield and Wall, their God and High Defender. No danger in the world can yet from You Your loved ones sever. Bless the righteous; we joy in You alone and to Your love surrender.