Thursday, May 3, 2012

texting stupor

My last post was a poem I submitted last week, and this week I had to get feedback from a classmate and revise it. Here's what I came up with:

“I was texting, so I was happy,”
         I heard her say,
Oblivious of the people she had just ignored.

Homework might not be done;
Books haven’t been opened and pages remain unwritten.
Friends interrupt—texting distractions.

Study break, she says, and tries to pretend
Finals aren’t around the corner.

Buzz: roommate has a question
Buzz: sister sharing a picture
Thumbs twitch.
Message. Reply. Answer.
Buzz: friend creating drama

Sending texts while she talks,
Under the table, as if that makes a difference.

New text—silent conversation.
Attention devoted, this is her normal;
Living in a world where only her phone matters.

I’m talking to her and she looks past me;
Checking her phone.
If I text her will she listen?

1 comment:

Spencer Mom said...

So true. Let's talk, not text, all summer long! :-)